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Take some time to select your framed wall art

Think about where the viewers will likely be situated, whether that is sitting or standing, and make sure that there is a clear line of sight to the picture.

Take some time to select your framed wall art, and hang it with care and consideration.Framed wall art is something that can help you make a statement while not taking up any valuable floor space. A good rule of thumb when you have chosen to hang a picture above a piece of LED Flood light Manufacturers furniture is that there should be twice as much space above the picture as below; this will prevent the area from looking cramped. Think back to the museum example againall the framed art in museums is hung at eye level so it can be easily seen and appreciated. What pieces already exist in the room, and what kind of style are you looking for? For instance, you probably wouldn’t choose to put a colorful Impressionist watercolor, full of light and pastels, into a dark room with heavy wood furniture and thick carpets.

When you are selecting framed wall art, you will want to think about the impression that you get from it and the impression that you get from the room. Overhead track lighting can work just fine, though you can always take advantage of a judiciously placed lamp or other light source as well. Light can help a painting really pop, and you’ll find that the addition of a good light source will go a long way towards making the painting look like a real part of the room.

Today, well talk about framed art ideas and how to hang framed art to make it look the best in your room.

When you are actually getting ready to hang your framed wall art, remember that for the most part, it will be the most attractive hanging at eye level or slightly lower. Remember that in many cases, natural light will only be available for a small part of the day, and that even then it might not get to the area where you want to hang your picture.

The first thing that you should be aware of when you are considering framed wall art is the light in the location where you are hanging it. Make sure that the wall art that you have chosen suits the room that is in, and keep in mind you should consider where you want to take the room in the future. This is an important way to make sure that you home has just the quality that you want it to!
. Take a hint from the museums and think about installing some lights that will suit your picture

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