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Recent breakthroughs in technology

The main problem with CFLs is that they contain mercury, which is considered hazardous waste. Vying for their place as the new light bulb for home use are compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs). Energy Star rated CFL bulbs are 75% more efficient than standard incandescent lights. LEDs are in a solid state, which means they don’t require a filament to burn, and are able to produce light using small amounts of energy with high efficiency. Sharp’s cutting edge bulb costs $82, and cheaper LEDs still run in the $30+ range.Legislation may make traditional incandescent lights obsolete by 2014. They are also much dimmer than other bulbs, because the individual LEDs are concentrated at the top of the bulb and because they are so much cooler. Recent breakthroughs in technology, including Sharp’s new nine-bulb LED series with adjustable color tone, show us the future of light bulbs that aren’t quite ready for the market. The cost of CFL bulbs should continue to drop as technology improves and the market grows. They cost on average $1 more per bulb. It can be a health concern if the bulb is broken open, and requires users to dispose of the bulbs at city or county hazardous waste facilities rather than curbside trash.

They use less energy and burn 10 times as long as traditional bulbs, advantages from economical and environmental perspectives. While their much longer lifespan makes the investment worth it, the additional upfront cost is a deterrent to buyers. Both types of bulb have technological shortcomings, but they also have strengths that could lead to wide-spread adoption. The newest generation of bulbs has an operating life of 40,000 hours. Newer CFL bulbs fall into a light spectrum much closer to incandescents than previous versions of the bulb, and also offer light spectrum choices such as ‘daylight’ and cool, white light.

As technology improves for LEDs, their costs will go down and they’ll likely replace CFLs as the cleanest, most efficient light bulb available to households. As with many of the newer and more efficient technologies on the market these days, CFLs have a higher cost than traditional LED Gas Station Lighting Wholesale light bulbs. One drawback to CFLs is that fluorescent light shines a different color than most people are used to, although the industry has made great strides in addressing this issue over the past few years. While the newest bulbs are great for headlamps, night lights, and accent lighting, their use as overhead lighting hasn’t been perfected yet.

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